Belon :)

Belon :)

Jumat, 08 April 2011

Paris 2011! 3rd Part

My third post while in Paris and big thanks to Anggi and Panda for companied me while explores Paris! *big HUG!!
I've been three times went to Musee du Louvre, and it's ended up CLOSED :(( It's been my dream to come in the Museum and see Monalisa, Mummies, etc~ T^T I hope I can back to Paris and went inside the Museum ><!
The Hamburger?? well, because meal kinda expensive so we ended up buying instant hamburger. Just put in microwave for 3minutes and it's done! Well, slim wallet :(

Paris 2011! 2nd Part

This my 2nd posting while I was in Paris for the second times. What I love about Paris is the atmosphere, I feel I'm in different world and you will see some interesting places in Paris. I love Paris while Spring and Fall, because all trees will look more beautiful <3

Delft, Netherlands 2011

It's my first time went to Netherlands! :) Was so amazing about Netherlands is everyone riding a bicycle. Even thought it's Spring but I love it! Not too cold and not too warm, it just PERFECT for me! I stayed in Delft where you can find blue-print ceramic, and also Museum Indonesia, but it will open in mid-April :( too bad I can't come in~ In the last day before I departed to Jakarta, I explored Delft more and found amazing and interesting places and also beautiful <3 I  I would be very happy to come back and I can't wait for it!